Born out of a desire to put pure, local fibres back onto the market in new and exciting forms, Cloudwool is a natural innovation made using 100% local wool that would normally go to waste. This noble, natural fibre is bonded with nonwoven technology to create a super soft and durable fabric that doesn’t cost the earth.

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High quality.
Low cost.

Beautiful, natural wool was once ubiquitous in Europe. Today, it’s more likely to be imported from Australia and blended with synthetic fibres before it reaches customers. Meanwhile, local sheep farmers are forced to write off their wool as ‘waste’. It doesn’t add up.

Natural. Breathable.

We believe that working with nature, not against it, gives the best results long-term. We’ve embedded all of wool’s natural properties into our material to make it the best it can be. This approach makes Cloudwool naturally lightweight and dense, offering a feeling of comfort without the heaviness. So you can breathe easy.

From Farm to fabric.

We believe the best way to produce sustainable fabrics at scale is to champion existing local resources. Working directly with European sheep farmers allows us to create traceable supply chains that clearly and instantly demonstrate our impact. And because we are so hands-on with every aspect of making Cloudwool, we can tell you more than any certification ever can. We pay farmers up to 5x more than the market rate for their wool

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Coat. Curtis Oland. Made with Hessian Cloudwool.

Coat. Johanna Maria Paav. Made with Hessian Cloudwool.

’Bei’anorak. Samuel Gui Yang. Made with Pure Cloudwool.

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